Red Spells Danger

Susanna Reid is a fast learner.

After her rather raunchy display of raw sexuality in Strictly Come Dancing,which has catapulted her to new heights salary-wise, she has found that giving a glimpse of her gorgeous thighs on ITV’s beleaguered Good Morning Britain has increased its viewing figures by seventy thousand.

ITV might now be tempted to encourage her to reveal more of her hidden bits in order to compete with the rival BBC programme.

Pictured in a red sexy dress, Susanna seems determined to become a sex siren so as not to disappoint her adoring fans – mostly men of a certain age who crave the sight of a mature woman stirring their libido with such gusto.

A new research, and there are a surfeit of them at present on every damn topic, has discovered that a lady in red is seen as an easy sexual target for men by other women. Previous studies have found that men see women wearing red as a sign of ‘sexual receptivity’. The research suggested that scarlet women are also looked down upon by their female counterparts.

Women judged others dressed in red as more sexually available and were most likely to cast aspersions on their fidelity and say such women would put them on guard with their men.

Previous studies have shown that women are keen to wear red when they expect to meet an attractive man, presumably with the intention of seducing him.

In other words, it all makes a good deal of sense. If you consider a red rag to a bull drives the animal almost insane, a red dress to a man must have a similar effect – although it is a matter of a lesser degree since we cannot claim to have the same stamina as a ferocious bull!

Although I love a variety of colours, red is my favourite. It is sexually vibrant; it hides no punches and, if anything, reveals our obsession with carnal desires.

Susanna Reid knows where she is going and I wish her luck on her hazardous journey.

One response to “Red Spells Danger

  1. Guillermo Gomez

    You forgot to mention the most Obvious: The smile summarize it all, regardless of her dress! Thanks GG