An Intoxicating Cocktail of Love

Emily Shaw, who went to one of Britain’s most expensive preparatory schools, and who hails from an upper-crust Berkshire country background, has scandalised the less tolerant members of society by posing in the nude in the July/August issue of Playboy.

Am I surprised that girls of her ilk have always had the inkling to shed their clothes while their bodies are in full bloom? Not at all. As sex is nowadays the most discussed topic, no wonder we rate it high on our agenda.

Emily was determined to cause a sensation when she sent nude pictures of herself to Playboy photographer Tony Kelly, and could not believe the response she got as a result.

Hugh Hefner asked her to fly to LA to test for them. She spent a month at Playboy Mansion learning about the Bunny Girl brand, mixing with other Playmates and taking her clothes off.

‘It was amazing to be part of it,’ she recalls. ‘It was a dream come true.’

Hefner himself, after seeing Emily’s test shots, decided to make her one of his official Playmates. The title is given to any model who appears in the magazine’s centrefold as ‘Playmate of the Month’. It is the highest accolade a new model could receive.

Emily is adamant that the photographs she has done are far from being tacky. For me, however, who has invariably worshipped at the altar of Venus, it is always refreshing to see a newcomer light up the horizon when the darkness of today’s world is excruciatingly horrid.

Instead of love, we see hatred. Instead of kindness, we experience brutality.

It’s a welcome change to see beauty instead of ugliness perpetrated by man. Let us therefore celebrate the advent of a new blood, vibrant, exquisitely alluring and full of promise – lest we forget the elixir of life itself.

Emily, titillating you certainly are and a sexual magnet brimming with vitality – but above all, an intoxicating cocktail of love.

Having now adopted you as my little princess, I welcome your invasion into my world of fantasy.

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