The Real Villains of The Peace

When we see what’s happening in Iraq today we should cast our minds back to the jingoistic George W. Bush and his partner Tony Blair, who undoubtedly committed what proved to be the most criminal decision conceivable by invading Iraq in 2003.


Let’s pause to wonder what drives political loonies to such heinous acts. Not only did they sacrifice the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent people, under the pretext of freeing the country from Sadam Hussein, a brutal dictator who was also, according to the deceitful duo, a threat to the security of the US and Great Britain.

Such rubbish was dished out to convince the world, like the Crusaders before them, that they were on a cleansing mission to rid the world of evil men who abuse their people, and in so doing thus free them from the yoke of dictatorship. Those who were against the war were lambasted by lies and deceit to justify the duo’s decision and the rest is still being debated to this day, when all the evidence so far proves beyond doubt that collusion between Bush and Blair to hoodwink the public is now a matter of public record.

The tragedy of Iraq is beyond anything anyone imagined. The country is seriously divided and the new generation of jihadists are on the march. They come, they kill and commit atrocities to satisfy their lust for spilling the blood of their adversaries. They do that in the name of religion and those of us who are pious watch the massacres, unable to comprehend how the Almighty to whom we pray lets these beasts of the human variety ravage the innocent and bury their mutilated bodies or, often in their haste to kill more, leave them to rot in the burning sun.

I ask myself the question how can Bush and Blair sleep at night? Do they have any remorse for what they’ve done? I reckon they were blinded by power and cannot now accept the fact that they have grievously sinned. For such a confession would blight the rest of their days and bring them untold discomfort.
Instead, they opt for denial of any wrongdoing as their only way of self-appeasement. I would hate to be in their shoes. God may forgive them but I can’t.

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