Bonking Boris

I’m glad ‘Bonking Boris’ has thrown his hat in the ring to challenge eventually the leadership of the Conservative party.

While one had high hopes when a youthful David Cameron took the helm to guide the nation and replace a discredited Labour administration, a sigh of relief was felt by a disillusioned electorate who have had enough of political bungling and were looking forward to an era of political rejuvenation.

What has happened since ran contrary to every expectation. Cameron and his chancellor surrounded themselves with a motley of Eton-like hangers-on whose most pronounced qualifications were by reason of the old school tie revived from obscurity to play a major role in running the country.

The old adage ‘tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are’ has never been more relevant than today.

Cameron’s judgement of people has been his weakest link. He seems to be impressed by the wrong type and invariably lands himself in trouble. He often strikes one as veering from a lightweight disposition to a wholly unjustified stance on some major issues, which reveals a darker side to his personality.

His chancellor, who many believe has a very strong influence on the PM, is unfortunately much too pleased with himself to be of great help to his master in public relation terms.

The chancellor’s own personality lacks the charisma needed these days to sway a public who are fed up with the machinations of politicians on either side of the House.

No one in his right mind seems to be interested in what they say, for trust has been frittered away through the years by the lack of vocation most politicians have exhibited by their actions.

The advent of Boris may prove a tonic we desperately need. His buffooning will cheer the nation but beneath it all he is an acute operator able to foretell the pulse of the nation and act accordingly.

His popularity is his greatest asset and I have no doubt that once in power he will rise to the occasion.

Let those who believe otherwise bury their head in the sand and keep their wisdom to themselves. Bonking Boris will at least bring mirth to our lives, which we badly need.

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