Thought for the Day

I often wonder whether it is best to retire gracefully at a certain age and relinquish many of the responsibilities that active life brings in its wake.

The thought lingers on…but the more I give it any in-depth consideration, the less I feel inclined to change the rhythm of a life, however stressful at times, that has served me well in many ways – even with some sphere of relative accomplishments.

However, what I find hard to come to terms with is that generally speaking the world has changed dramatically, and not always to make comfort living a reward for sacrifices exerted with the tenacity of a workaholic.

Standards of excellence and business morality have somehow deteriorated with the pursuit of wealth, leaving behind the ethics of human considerations and the plight of the less fortunate in our society. The ugly face of capitalism has reared its head yet again in line with the technological revolution, making it easier and more powerful a tool to snare the docile and take advantage of the needy.

The selfie trend, even practised by politicians, seems to be the way forward in everything we do. New words constantly come to life, hastily included in our dictionaries so that the public at large are kept instructed in the lingo of a robotic age.

Would I want to ignore the new focus of superficiality and pretend it does not exist and seek the life and environment of my youth in the old Biblical town of Nazareth, where I was so content and happy beyond anything I have ever known since? Or am I losing my marbles with the advent of old age?

Reflections of this kind I find stimulating, for it signals an active mind, not yet destined to ephemerality. And then clarity surfaces, to remind myself it is best to grin and bear it and what can’t be cured must be endured.

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