Stop Now or Risk Damnation

Philip Hammond,foreign secretary in David Cameron’s latest Cabinet reshuffle, came to the aid of the PM by condemning the intolerable sufferings of the people of Gaza.

The only statement the PM had made since hostilities broke out between Israel and Hamas and the devastation that followed, with the unbearable loss of life of innocent civilians in the Gaza Strip, was a cold-blooded and seemingly provocative pronouncement that Israel has the right to defend itself.

No one denies that but the constant repetition of the phrase infers a carte blanche that defies any limitations as to the conduct of that defence.

No emotion or sense of outrage, felt by millions of people worldwide, was mentioned by the PM, nor did it seem relevant in his order of things.

A lot of people felt appalled by his total disregard for the recent carnage which, in the view of many, including the President of the United States and the Secretary-General of the United Nations, was unnecessary and disproportionate.

Nothing surprises me about David Cameron. He has the habit of shooting his mouth as if nurtured by the echo of his own voice. Platitudes galore have become the very fabric of his leadership. I wish he would realise one day that the more he loosens his tongue the less credibility he’s likely to muster.

Ed Miliband, Jewish by birth, even criticised the prime minister for his unholy statement which indicated his lack of any humanitarian feelings worthy of the dignity of his office.

Whenever I turn my television on and see the dead and the mutilated, irrespective from which side they emanate, I can’t help the tears streaming down my face for the misery of others leaves me in a state of total incoherence.

And yet the bombardment and the killing carries on despite the protestations globally, as if hatred has reached such proportions that it mirrors the historic brutalities of the Holocaust.

Why can’t we pause and reflect on where all this is leading? Two Semitic races in the throes of a battle which will leave wounds that are hard to heal for many years to come.

For Heaven’s sake, let us see the light of forgiveness. Let not those who died be in vain. The Holy Land is awash with blood that will stain the concept of peace for evermore. Let mothers bury their dead, pray for tranquillity and a brighter future for the next generation.

We have all suffered enough and we desperately need a respite. The warring parties must act now to stop the bloodshed, or the Gates of Hell will open wide to devour the lot of them and confine them to eternal damnation.

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