Thought for the Day

It is pathetic to think that the Arab world, which thanks to its natural resources such as oil and gas has amassed riches so large as to defy the comprehension of ordinary people, yet they trail behind almost every other nation in realising that through the medium of art and the written word one is able to exert influence in world affairs and gain the respect of people in every walk of life.

Alas, the energies of those in power are directed to other spheres – mainly the enrichment of the few at the expense of the many.

Instead of spending God-given riches to cultivate higher objectives, and invest in propagating their cultural heritage, they target infrastructures rather than cultural activities – thereby preferring the accumulation of wealth over acceptance by their peers on an equal footing with the rest of intellectually driven nations who contribute to worthwhile causes.

Politically the Arabs are of little consequence in the global forum, as events show today. They are more attuned to local power for its own sake than seeking to earn the respect of the world for their achievements.

Unless they change track in their thinking and use their wealth for more august considerations, then I’m afraid they will remain powerless to make their presence felt in times of crisis.

They should by now wake up from their deep sleep, take the bull by the horns, and show the world they are made of sterner stuff.

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