Hell on Earth

I spent last weekend in low spirits bordering on a bout of depression seeing children and civilians being torn to pieces in Gaza while, agonisingly, the world still looks on.

I have repeated many times in my long career as a publisher that the killing of any human being, whether a Palestinian or an Israeli, is a crime in a civilised society which pretends to care and worship the sanctity of life.

And yet in reality, this is not the case. We make excuses for dispensing with human life on the grounds that we have to defend ourselves against the aggression of the other side, and the arguments relentlessly carry on while blood is shed on a scale that makes horrible viewing and instigates more hatred and violence.

When will the butchery stop? There will be no winner in this brutal battle. On the contrary, grieving mothers will darken the skies with their tears and homeless families will mourn their losses for years to come. Haven’t both parties to the dispute suffered enough? Every day that passes will become a reminder of atrocities perpetrated by a senseless political dogma that inflicts great pain and unimaginable suffering on people stricken by poverty, forlorn and whose main objective in life is to survive in a world now bereft of any dignity, even in death.

The world at large has a duty to put a stop to this heinous state of affairs where the use of the gun as opposed to diplomacy has become the tool of oppression and the only way to resolve a dispute.

President Obama seems unmoved by the extent of the bloodshed taking place and carries on despite the seriousness of the situation, as if telling the world that the greatest power in the world, which he presides over, is unable to bring the warring parties to their senses.

Yet without US support neither Israel nor for that matter Egypt can operate without the aid of their benefactors. It is time that Obama rediscovers his balls or be confined to history as a weak president whose rhetoric invariably fails to match his actions.

Let us pause for a second and learn from history. We study it at school and at university and yet we ignore its consequences because we believe we know better. The biggest culprits in this regard are the politicians who wage a war they can never win and who sacrifice their citizens for a lost purpose.

Is man self-destructive by nature? I often wonder but refuse to accept it for fear of becoming a cynic and spending my life seeing the ugly side of things. Pessimism and reality need not be bedfellows and liberalism must clean its image and change direction to embrace the more sympathetic credo that it pretends to advocate.

2014 is proving a disastrous year on the world stage. Therefore, let us all pray for better days to come when man wakes up from his folly, searches for peace and tranquillity and gives up the notion that conquest is the better alternative.

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