Abuse is Never the Answer


The Ukraine crisis will never be resolved by a barrage of continual threats against Russia by the Western alliance.

It can only worsen the crisis and cause mayhem rather than pave the way for a measured and sensible dialogue between all the parties concerned.

The age of bullying is no longer a viable factor, given that Russia is a formidable power and a very important player in world politics. The more isolated she finds herself the more aggressive will be her response.

China, which has now joined the league of superpowers, will side with Russia against the United States and its Western allies if it comes to the crunch – and no one can afford a global war which will have a catastrophic effect the likes of which we have yet to experience.

Every Tom Dick and Harry is now throwing abuse at Putin, whose precarious position will turn him into a diehard to the detriment of the West. His popularity in Russia is well established and make no mistake about it the more he’s pushed to the wall the more the present turmoil will persist – and more lives will be sacrificed in the killing fields of eastern Ukraine.

Western leaders should watch their language and try to be more conciliatory if their true intentions are to bring peace. They should refrain from the cheap abuse that can only fuel hatred and give scope to those whose power craze will lead us to uncharted and perilous waters.

Russia is not an inconsequential toy you play with. Napoleon tried it, so did Hitler. They paid a heavy price for their fatal mistake.

Let’s therefore be sensible and use the art of diplomacy as opposed to the murderous gun and hope for salvation.

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