A Cry For Sanity

The fighting in Gaza is a great blemish to humanitarian values and a return to the barbarity of centuries ago, when man settled a dispute by killing his foe and razing to the ground every standing monument and living creature to assert his domination.

And we call ourselves civilised. Far from it.

Is defending oneself a licence to kill and maim civilians as well as children, and in the process manage to get the backing of politicians worldwide who sing the tune which is expedient to their given objective so as not to antagonise one party as opposed to another? David Cameron is a prime example. Every time he speaks he drops a brick. He is rapidly becoming a master of platitudes.

In the meantime the killing continues and the world watches while the bells of calamity toll loud and clear.

Both sides bury their dead and mothers weep and see devastation all around them. Is that a recipe for peace or has man lost his head?

Hatred knows no boundaries. It is a plague that spreads so quickly and effectively, and destroys everything in its path.

The world must act now and stop the butchery before God loses His temper and confines us all to eternal damnation.

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