Murdered in Chelsea

Last night saw the launch of Murdered in Chelsea, by Ticky Hedley-Dent, at Daunt Books on the Fulham Road.

The glamorous author was in excellent form and enchanted the crowd through her mere presence.

Here’s the short speech I made on this occasion.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are assembled here today for the launch of Ticky’s fabulous book – which has already received critical acclaim from those of us who have had the privilege of reading it prior to its publication. Among them is my friend Geordie Greig who was responsible for hosting the launch of my book Fulfilment and Betrayal in May 2007. To him I owe a great deal.

Here is what he said about Murdered in Chelsea:

‘A high-octane novel which shows the author’s insider knowledge of life in the fast lane.’

Geordie should know for he is well versed in the ongoings of British society as a previous editor of Tatler and one time literary editor of the Sunday Times. His grasp of books is very impressive to say the least.

Ticky Hedley-Dent is, as you can see, a personable young lady. A freelance writer, she was features director of Tatler and a features writer on the Daily Mail.

Murdered in Chelsea is her first novel and what a brilliant start.

‘It glitters with privilege and mystery… a dangerously addictive novel’ – so says Sophie Winkleman.

While Kate Williams’ assessment of the novel is equally riveting.

‘Enormous fun! Lily Cane is a fabulous heroine, spunky and full of heart, and her journey through the poshest parts of London society is a real roller coaster ride.’

A review in Glamour magazine sums it up.

‘Lily Cane is a newspaper journalist assigned to cover the mysterious life of aristo It-girl Zuleika Winters. Was it an overdose or is there a killer on the loose on London’s party scene? This debut from ex-journalist Hedley-Dent romps along at 100mph. Perfect sun lounger fodder.’

As I began reading the manuscript when it was first submitted I could not put it down. It had an air of mystery, a pedal power view of Chelsea’s fast moving society and a comprehensive study of the main characters in this absorbing thriller.

Ticky is a good bet to back. I know we are in a recession and money is in short supply for some, but I urge you to buy more than one copy of the book and show Ticky the encouragement she deserves.

A book to take on holidays is its best recommendation. The word of mouth is equally potent. In the meantime, please spread the good word around and make her happy, make her publisher happy, and make the shop happy.

Here she is, a star in the making, to say a few words to you – and I am sure her charm will go a long way in persuading you to heed my words.

She did her magic on me, why not on you…

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