Is the Disparity in Earnings the Key to a Perfect Marriage?

A US poll found fifty-six per cent of men whose wages were lower than their wives’ described their love lives as either ‘hot’ or ‘very good’.

This compared to forty-four per cent of husbands who earned more.

Research shows men cannot perform in both the boardroom and the bedroom – so the inference is they are better off earning less in order to boost their sex life and have a happy home life.

The survey, carried out by Money magazine, questioned one thousand and ten married adults aged twenty-five and over. It found ninety per cent of men whose wives earned more said that overall their marriages were happy compared with seventy-five per cent of men whose wives earned less.

Quite frankly there is a catch in all this. I believe that men who earn a great deal of money might perform less in the marital bed but are prone to seeking sexual adventures elsewhere.

The temptation with wealth is not to be underestimated. In our promiscuous society, women are seduced by the good life – so are men, who find it difficult to repel a sexual availability when it comes their way.

On the other hand, however, women in the same wealth category are also likely to stray from the marital bed and indulge in the forbidden fruit that was once the exclusive domain of men.

The world has dramatically changed. Liberalism in all things has encouraged both genders to indulge in sinful pursuits of which sex has become the most important commodity. Everything seems to revolve around carnal obsession and as a result puritanism has faded into oblivion.

Yet beneath it all, hypocrisy has flourished and our standards in sexual matters are lowered to give us more scope for manoeuvre.

Am I complaining? Not at all, but I rarely believe in polls that reek of nonsensical hogwash.

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