Enoch Powell: The Enamoured Romantic

With the standard of politicians showing no sign of a much-needed uplift, Enoch Powell, who I interviewed in 1992 and who died in February 1998, came suddenly to mind.

He was a giant among his peers and left me with an indelible recollection of the measure of the man.

I loved our encounter and could not help admiring him for his intellectual and academic abilities, which towered above anything I had known. He was also an enamoured romantic who penned a yearly poem to his adoring wife on her birthday.

Here is the interview again in full.

One response to “Enoch Powell: The Enamoured Romantic

  1. I remember a similar encounter when I photographed Eric Heffer, the firebrand, at his home in Liverpool for the Times . I was convinced that I would not like him. The reverse was true.