In Britain We Must Lead the World and Not Engage in Scandalous Pursuits

What’s happening to Britain at the moment is rather peculiar. England were knocked out of the World Cup at the earliest possible juncture which left us distraught and sneered at, by both friend and foe.

Now that the might of Germany’s soccer team has crushed Brazil 7-1 to reach the finals of the World Cup, is it not time for the manager of the England team to save the nation blushes, bury his face in the sand and do the decent thing and resign. But I am afraid this is not how the system works. The more failure these days, the more elevation. How distressing!

On the political scene, we were humiliated by the EU, when David Cameron lost his battle to prevent Jean-Claude Juncker from becoming the next President of the European Commission and then ate humble pie when he congratulated him for his appointment.


And then the Germans who are not noted for their sense of humour seem to have recovered their wit when the newspaper BILD described David Cameron as becoming the Wayne Rooney of EU Politics. He lines up, he loses, he goes home.


Amid all that, more sexual revelations of a base sexual nature involving people in high places, in government circles and beyond are hitting the headlines with a renewed ferocity which compelled the government to embark on more public enquiries to stem the stench of yet more scandals of a similar nature which has of late given newspapers a field day of speculative porno-like suppositions.

The question to ask is whether the old generation, wearing the mask of respectability were devils in disguise, hiding behind a puritanical screen aided and abated by a corrupt establishment determined to protect its own maledictions.

All this is taking place while Rome is burning. The whole world is in a dire state of conflict where the gun has taken over from diplomacy and brutality has become a daily occurrence.

Our priorities are upside down and yet we claim to know better. It is a pathetic situation, that has no comparable parable. Life is to be lived in harmony and not for its own sake. Let us begin to spread the message of goodwill, and the world will applaud us. Hallelujah.

2 responses to “In Britain We Must Lead the World and Not Engage in Scandalous Pursuits

  1. The English are stupid and complacent enough to still think they can get by muddling along.

    When they go on their holidays this summer they will hear foreigners whispering “paedo” and “slut” to each other after nudging each other and sniggering when they see an Englishman and his wife.


  2. That needed to be said…’s a very sad state of affairs continually excused by platitudinous mantras such as “so that it can never happen again” and “we must have transparency” .