Barbarians at The Gate

Every time a new initiative is put on course to try and resolve the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, something vital goes wrong and hopes for a peaceful solution simply vanishes.

For me at my age of eighty-three, I dream of the day when the two-state solution becomes a reality and two people who has suffered for so long can breath the air of reconciliation and live happily as good neighbours and forget their past sufferings and embrace the serenity of a land where Jesus, preached love and forgiveness.

I keep thinking whether in my life time, the killing on both sides will stop, and a new era will herald peace instead of war and fraternity will take precedence to enmity and humanitarian issues will triumph and violence is banished for ever from the land of Moses, Jesus and the Prophet Mohammad.

The abduction and murder of three young Israelis is a crime of incalculable proportions, and the burning alive of a Palestinian boy in revenge is barbaric beyond comprehension. Both heinous acts bring hatred and revulsion and will for generation fuel the seeds of abomination.

The victims of hatred


Video of abduction of murdered and burned Palestinian boy

Burnt to ashes

The whole Middle East is aflame. Human life has become a cheap commodity and unless and until we wake up from this nightmarish scenario, we will I am sure be damned for eternity.

I can only pray for salvation. The life of a Palestinian or an Israeli is sacrosanct. Prejudice is evil and we must fight it with every bone in our bodies. For the road ahead will only lead us to one destination, i.e. the cauldron of hell and deserve it, we will.

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