The Sweet Smell of Success

A poster advertising Rihanna’s perfume, ‘Rogue’, has been banned where children are likely to see it because it presents the pop star in a sexually suggestive way.

So says the Advertising Standards Agency.

I disagree, for children are able to see worse sexually motivated advertisements on our television screens every day of the week.

Why don’t they look more closely on what appears on the box before they jump into action for what I consider to be no less suggestive than most of what we see already.

We are constantly being bombarded by various self-esteemed quangos who want to marshal our lives with their ridiculous judgements and their out-of-date wisdom. But there is also an element which suggests that they are most likely to shut an eye where the interests of the television moguls are concerned.

We have only to look at the tripe we sometimes see on television and the appalling violence, which is far more harmful than a mere sexual whiff that children will not recognise unless their attention is drawn to it.

What irks me most is that more orchestration of the authorities is taking place than ever before. Are we perhaps on the verge of a police state where individual liberties are at stake?

I feel we might turn into robots before we wake up to it.

Let us therefore rekindle our spirit of rebellion and refuse the notion of being cowed by those who know little and pretend to know more.

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