Is Being Overweight Healthy?

Science and medicine keep changing track.

We are now told that being overweight is healthy and that men who are hungry find fat women more attractive.

Well, I can quite believe that. The obesity paradox in women can sometimes be sexually overpowering. However, I’m not so sure about its health benefits.

Thin women, in general, are visually more pleasing to the eye and have a certain elegance because of the fine lines of their bodies and their nimbleness.

Whereas, more voluptuous women with a generous measure of flesh are not what we might call fashion icons; they are, nevertheless, steaming with a complexity of sexual desires best described as an amalgam of aroused carnality.

In company, though, men prefer to be seen escorting beautifully shaped women not unlike the ones who grace the catwalks of the fashion industry, merely as an advertisement of their own success.

In bed, however, it is a different story altogether.

In my long past bachelor days the best sexual congresses I had were with what we now consider plum women, whose volcanic over-exuberance was an experience hard to forget and sometimes painfully exhausting.

Recently, entertaining a pretty young thing to lunch, whose body was fulsome (to be less expressive) and wearing a miniskirt which as she sat down rose high up to her large inner thighs, gave me a heartbeat that I found unusually intoxicating.

I felt shameful, for a reaction that I thought was not possible given the age of respectability that I have now reached – but damn it all! Why should I regret a frisson that clearly shows man’s attraction to women never dies until the day he expires.

To be alive without emotion is to be prematurely dead. I would rather die in glorious anticipation.

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