Obesity in Focus

To our utter dismay we learnt last week that British girls are the fattest in Europe.

The surprising news appeared in The Lancet which adds to the authenticity of the story. But what about men?

I think they must be equally obese or even worse still as I see some specimens with a bulging stomach that seems to walk ahead of their bodies.

And it makes me wonder how girls can be attracted to such self-deformed beings, and how is it possible to have sexual congress with ease and the comfort required to reach a satisfactory climax. Unless, of course, these men undertake a close study of the Kama Sutra – which will possibly enable them to unlock closed doors despite their physical impediment.

Well, the latest scientific research seems to show that a Mediterranean diet will probably help those afflicted with obesity.

Full fat yoghurt is apparently one of the answers whereas the low fat variety contains more sugar and is therefore not effective in reducing weight.

Recent research has found that people who ate a small pot of yoghurt made from whole milk each day lowered their risk of obesity by nineteen per cent compared with those who ate less than two pots a week.

The facts were most marked in people who ate a healthy diet, high in fish, vegetables and olive oil.

Professor Miguel Martinez-Gonzalez from the University of Navarre in Spain said, ‘Yoghurt is just one food and cannot counter an overall unhealthy diet. But for people with good adherence to a Mediterranean diet their yoghurt provided an additional benefit.

‘The results are probably due to people eating yoghurt particularly with fruit instead of creamy deserts. Yoghurt also modifies the gut bacteria which can have a beneficial effect on overall health.’

The findings were presented at the European Congress on Obesity in Sofia, Bulgaria.

What about the girls? Could they possibly be the fattest in Europe? To be honest, the bevy of girls I encounter are often much too thin to border on obesity. Some need a bit of fattening to make them slightly more buxom or at least that’s how I like them. Unless of course senility has grossly affected my vision which is not uncommon in advanced age. If that is the case, British girls should celebrate while my blurred vision works to their favour.

Whatever happens, though, girls remain my favourites: suck it to whoever thinks you are not la crème de la crème – and tell your mother about it!

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