The Joker in the Pack is the Real Winner

François Hollande is incorrigible as he seems to have resumed his love story with the actress Julie Gayet, according to Closer magazine – despite earlier reports of a rapprochement between the president and Valérie Trierweiler, his former squeeze.

Some weeks ago, a book by a journalist claimed that Mr Hollande has re-established relations with Ms Trierweiler and was bombarding her with tender text messages.

He was even seriously considering reinstating her as his partner.

Days later, friends of Ms Gayet told journalists that she had broken off her relationship with the president because she could no longer tolerate constant media exposure and wanted to spare her two teenage sons the publicity.

Closer now claims that the couple stopped seeing each other only temporarily until the scandal died down. ‘They prefer to let the storm pass and make people believe they have broken up.’

However, the truth of the matter is that the president and the actress are continuing to see each other for rare but precious escapades.

They met at a French flat on the Seine, in central Paris, according to the magazine – which said the president had dispatched one of his security staff an hour before their rendezvous to check that there were neither paparazzi nor potential attackers lurking nearby.

It also claimed that Mr Hollande and Ms Gayet met at the riverside apartment on Sunday 27th April, and the actress was spotted  by a palace employee visiting Mr Hollande at the Élysée on 2nd May.

One wonders how the president can find the space to carry on with his amorous adventures when the affairs of state must surely occupy most of his time. But perhaps he’s that rare breed of supermen whose dicks serve to fuel their energies in a variety of directions without feeling the strain.

If that’s the case, he must be having the time of his life and shooting from both cylinders while in reality he’s taking the mickey out of us all.

As his detractors, let’s be honest and admit that what drives us to complain about his behaviour stems from a streak of pure jealousy – for given the chance, we would love to be in his shoes and get away with it.

What bliss!

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