Tony Blair Surfaces Again

What sort of a man is Tony Blair? I have run out of my lexicon of words to describe him unless, of course, one is to invent new intriguant expressions to embody every conceivable nomenclature of his character.

He’s undeniably become a hate figure to many who believe him to be no less than the devil incarnate.

Not content to take any blame for his invasion of Iraq and the catastrophe that followed – all of which was triggered off to appease his master, George Bush – Blair is now disclaiming any responsibilities for what’s happening in that country today and still insisting that the removal of Saddam Hussein was the right course to have taken.

Warmongers such as he fail to take into account the horrors of war and the death of many thousands of innocent people.

His notoriety seems to have no accepted boundaries and his righteousness has a sickly feel to it, in whatever context it is perceived. He swanks around unashamedly, bombarding us with his words of wisdom, enriching himself from whatever source he can conjure up along the way – and still has ambitions to conquer new horizons.

I regard him, with his inflated ego, to be a danger to world stability and a remorseless charlatan not to be listened to. In the meantime, his role as peace envoy in the Middle East is purely tantamount to an obscenity.

My advice to everyone: please keep away from this man if you don’t want to have a cardiac seizure, for your blood pressure is likely to rise at the mere sight of him. I will do the same, for fear that my remaining years are not to be shortened.

One response to “Tony Blair Surfaces Again

  1. A very large loud HERE HERE……OR IS IT HEAR HEAR….? Either way your words are on the head of the nail.