Tories Not Immune to the Celebrity Bug

You can’t be more Tory-orientated than the Daily Mail.

Yet if you look at some of their headlines, like the one last Friday, it simply tells the story how starstruck our PM and Foreign Secretary have become of late.

Front page pictures not only show the PM and his wife going to dinner at a celebrity hotspot, it also features the besotted William Hague hobnobbing with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.


This was happening on a day when Russian tanks were rolling into Ukraine, and while Islamist fanatics swept through Northern Iraq leaving appalling bloodshed, and a refugee crisis, in their wake.

Cosying up to film stars was a gimmick which Tony Blair excelled at but one would have thought Tory grandees were much too discrete to engage in such celebrity contrivances, especially on such a tumultuous day on the world stage.

And lo and behold, the following day, the stunningly attractive Angelina is seen gracing most of our newspapers with a large red smile to celebrate, I guess, her being made a Dame in the Queen’s Honours List.

The irresistible Angelina and dapper William Hague have been working closely together at a summit on rape in London, despite the escalating political and military crises around the world.

The timing of it all raised eyebrows in many a quarter at the headline-grabbing damehood, which seals two years of growing friendship between the famous Hollywood actress and Mr Hague.

Seeing the pair at a press conference I was more than amazed to see our Foreign Secretary almost overshadowed by a beaming Angelina, whose presence mesmerised her interlocutors, leaving her companion in arms in total awe of the whole proceedings.

The celebrity bug seems to have left its mark on our Foreign Secretary from which I hope he will soon recover.

Being smitten by Angelina is hard to dispel, though I must admit an easy cure is not readily available. But politicians are well braced to cope with every situation and William Hague is no exception.

So no tears to be shed on his behalf, for he appears to have had a whale of a time.

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