A Snake with a Mission

Life is full of hazards.

Who would have thought that a snake relishing the taste of a woman’s most tender part would venture in all places to seek his victim within the confines of a toilet cubicle?

Well, to the utter surprise and great shock, Iris Castroverde, thirty, a Spanish hairdresser and mother of two, described in no uncertain terms how a snake apparently living in the plumbing area of a block of flats bit her on the bottom as she sat on the lavatory trying to relieve herself. She saw the snake as she pressed the flush in great terror.

The resident of the small town of Naron, a suburb of La Coruna in the north-western Galicia region, said: ‘When I turned around, I saw a fluorescent yellow and green serpent about twenty centimetres long disappear. I am a hairdresser and not knowledgeable about snakes, but I know what I saw and what I felt.’ She went to hospital after being bitten and was treated with anti-venom. She has since recovered from her ordeal, although unpleasant as it had been – but with a remarkable story to tell.

What other woman could claim being targeted by a snake, which was obviously partial to the soft rears of the female species? If the snake were of the human variety, no doubt he would be accused of sexual abuse and possibly jailed in disgrace. But the lucky snake escaped and is now a fugitive on the run.

Police believe the snake, which they have yet to identify and has not been seen since, either escaped or was flushed away by an exotic pet owner who may have bought it illegally.

‘We have asked the residents if they had any pets of this kind but no one has admitted it,’ said a spokesman.

In the meantime, residents have been scared into using potties.

‘I have been pouring litres of bleach down the toilet in the hope that it will keep it away,’ said one neighbour.

In the interim, I believe potty-trading in the village must have prospered all thanks to an adventurous snake with a bottom addiction. Dare I say, prosperity has a funny way of expressing itself.

One response to “A Snake with a Mission

  1. As a child in India, my father was traumatised by a cobra sliding down the water pipes into his bath. Luckily a man servant appeared in time to despatch the intruder.

    The photographer Lartigue’s wife, Bibi (above), wasn’t troubled by serpents, as far as I know, but it’s always nice to see that photo.