Clegg in the Doldrums

Removing Nick Clegg as leader of the Liberal Democrats will not help the party. It is their policies that they need to ditch and start again from scratch.

Penalising the rich is not the way forward. Taxes should be scaled so as to expect the mega-rich to contribute more to the Treasury only when their earnings reach a phenomenal level.

The present system targets the middle classes who are now suffering a downturn in their net income and no one seems to bother or care. They are easy bait which the three major parties keep bleeding, while the truly rich are doubling their wealth on a yearly basis despite the bleak recession.

It is by any standards a shameful state of affairs. On top of it, the government is becoming so arrogant and ruthless in its pursuit of total control of the lives of the majority of people who haven’t got the means to stand up to their bullying tactics, especially by giving the Inland Revenue astronomical powers that makes the concept of democracy a total falsehood.

All three major political parties, although they preach the notion of equality, are in fact intolerably duplicitous since their words are meaningless. Expediency is their gospel and power their most sacred objective.

Politics has certainly seen better days but the most frightening aspect of it all is where do we go from here? Can we continue to tolerate mediocrity in the political arena to the degree that our tolerance becomes open ended and loses its defining power to oversee and curtail the excesses of those who govern us?

The emergence of UKIP tells the full story more explicitly than I do. There has never been such political chaos as far as I can remember. We need a miraculous resurgence of a messianic man of great vision who can rally the nation and lead us to fairer ground. Does he really exist?

As virtue thrives best in adversity so does man’s elevation to higher motives. I am a believer in the extraordinary when the chips are down and, by golly, things can’t get any worse.

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