A Woman a Week

I have always been anti-Establishment, for the very reason that their hidden motto is that you can do anything you want as long as you are not caught.

The hypocrisy of feigning respectability is in my view the worst con invented by the notability in order to have the cake and eat it, often at the expense of their underlings.

Hence, my admiration for those who dare to defy the enforced protocol in order to show their total abhorrence of what they believe to be an abuse of their freedom – especially with regard to nudity.

Scout Willis, the twenty-two-year-old daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, certainly knows how to rally people to her cause. She went completely topless for a stroll in New York City last Tuesday in a bid to highlight her disagreement with Instagram’s policy against female nudity. She had been banned twice and just two days earlier for breaching the rules and her account frozen over some racy pictures.

In retaliation, her reaction was swift and dramatic – as one would expect from the fiery daughter of a Hollywood couple whose non-conformist marital relationship has always been a talking point.

So Scout took to the streets wearing a provocative floral skirt and casual shoes, cheekily stopping by a fruit stall selling melons with a sign that read: ‘Squeeze.’

She then defiantly took to Twitter to post two pictures of herself in her attention-seeking stunt with the caption: ‘Legal in NYC but not on Instagram.’

And she went on to say, ‘What Instagram won’t let you see.’

The former young enterprising actress also posted various pictures of breast-feeding mums and topless women in an attempt to boost the #freethenipple campaign.

Her protest and the manner of it endeared her to me without qualification. She has obviously the kind of chutzpah that I find refreshing as well as erotically inducing. May her genre light up the world and bring back the sanity we so desperately need.

One response to “A Woman a Week

  1. Mazen Salha

    She’s a natural Naturalist and I greet her courage.