A City in Peril

When you analyse the situation in the UK you begin to feel a sense of insecurity that you haven’t encountered before, especially if you live in London.

The mega-rich have taken over this great metropolis where they enjoy the benefit of their wealth and find the present system of taxation, which effects them more favourably than anywhere else in the world.

They bask in their newly found haven where money has become a cult that out-strips the old school tie and gives them a stature reminiscent of the gentry of bygone days who behaved as if it was their God-given right to rule over their serfs and live themselves in astronomical luxury.

The insecurity that most ordinary people feel stems from the fact that although taxing the excessively rich might not be a burden to them, the same does not apply to the rest of us who feel the crippling effect of it because it unjustly targets the struggling masses whose income is brutally diminished as to rob them of the little luxuries that hard work may have bestowed.

If the present government’s taxing policy is to continue unabated, London will become a billionaire’s paradise where the majority of its native population is banished from the capital and has to seek a new life – either as immigrants to a foreign country or in some obscure village within our shores.

The shock will be terminal – especially to those who feel that living anywhere else than London would be a catastrophic turn of events to darken their prospects of settling down in a dynamic environment such as the one they have been an integral part of.

I, for one, would not be able to tolerate such a fate and would call upon those who feel the same to denounce a government that relishes targeting the middle classes and send them packing instead.

Billionaires are fine, but true Londoners are the heartbeat of this great metropolis.

One response to “A City in Peril

  1. As far as the government is concerned, I am curious to know what they deem to be “fair” taxing for its everyday citizens. Even in Canada, it’s difficult enough to make a livable wage, but then they remove huge portions for taxes. It’s like taking a pound a flesh!