The Misguided Duo

I wish David Cameron would speak less, at least to give me a chance to warm up to him.

Unfortunately, this is unlikely to happen since he’s addicted to the echo of his own voice – which seems to land him in trouble at every turn.

That in my view renders him more of a lightweight politician than a serious one with a measured political mind that inspires confidence.

His latest gaffe is to say that taxes will have to rise unless officials are given powers to raid people’s bank accounts.

What a ridiculous statement to make. He seems to be playing second fiddle to his wayward chancellor, who believes that the more power you give to the state the more prosperous we become as a nation.

We are already being stripped slowly of the notion that the basis of democracy is to protect the right of the individual against the excesses of officialdom.

The laws as they stand today are adequate enough to deal with tax evasion if applied properly by first-class tax inspectors who know what they are doing and are not bloody-minded to enforce the law without fair and proper investigation in the first instance.

The Treasury Select Committee warned recently that allowing HM Revenue and Customs to remove cash from accounts without court orders was ‘very concerning because of its history of mistakes’. The committee said that taxpayers could suffer ‘serious detriment’ if officials were able, either by mistake or through ‘abuse of power’, to take money from people who have done no wrong.

This new policy, which would be abhorrent to most people if it were to become law, faced further criticism from chartered accountants, who said that money should be taken from people’s accounts only with their agreement or a court order.

Most people I know have had a run in with the Inland Revenue when accusations proved in the end to be without foundation and at a great cost to the Treasury.

These are very serious matters to be considered before the government takes such rash and uncalled for new regulations, reminiscent of authoritative regimes which God forbid have no place in our society.

The present dancing duo of the PM and his chancellor should reflect more deeply on such matters before they shoot their mouths and embark on such a disastrous course of action. It will certainly come to haunt them.

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