Is it Time for the Duchess to Cover Up?

At the risk of becoming unpopular in certain quarters I feel a compulsion to air my views about the comportment of the Duchess of Cambridge in the outfits she wears.

Some would say she’s accident prone, but others would disagree on the grounds that if this was the case she would have learnt her lesson by now. It seems the adage ‘once bitten twice shy’ has somehow no resonance with our future queen.

Her litany of mishaps, which have always managed to reveal some of her hidden bits, seems to know no boundaries.

She was snapped topless, which caused many a ripple worldwide, then pictures of her in a Marilyn Monroe famous wind-sweeping skirt pose was her next embarrassing moment – and now, believe it or not, her royal bare bottom graces the internet as well as many journals overseas.

Is it conceivable, one may ask, that the duchess is unaware that the public might eventually tire of her total disregard for the preservation of her modesty, especially now that the eyes of the world are focused upon her every move?

The Royal Family might be irked to see her continually flaunting her bodily attributes by not taking the necessary precautions given that her destiny is earmarked for the most august role of a queen-in-waiting.

Elegance in her case should replace showmanship and being a member of ‘the Firm’ demands a more exemplary conduct.

Her sister Pippa, who came to prominence for wiggling her derriere during the royal marriage, has in all fairness been more successful in avoiding the risk of being caught in a state of dishevelment and part disrobement.

Sympathy for the royal couple might bite the dust if decorum is habitually ignored. The duchess will be wise to turn a new leaf and lead by example, or she’s likely to lose the dignity of her royal perch.

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