Mary Soames: A Tribute to a Lovely Lady

The news of Mary Soames’ death, given her age of ninety-one, was not totally unexpected.

However, for her legions of adoring admirers – of which I count myself as one – her passing away marks the end of an era where women of her stature are hardly to be found. They simply no longer feature in our society.

I can confidently say that, of all the women I have ever interviewed – and there were many – of the most distinguished from all walks of life, she stood supreme and without parallel.

Her humility, her charm and her caring for the underprivileged, despite her illustrious background, were a lesson to us all.

I was overwhelmed by her impeccable femininity, her elegance, and above all her endearing characteristics which disarmed the most skilful of interlocutors.

She was a bundle of pure joy. Churchill’s youngest daughter will always remain a rare gem of superlative quality. History will attest to that, and no doubt bestow upon her the honour she deserves.

May she rest in eternal peace, for we loved her dearly.

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