A Picture of Budding Youth

The glamour of a pretty young girl is not only uplifting in a gloomy world but a real treat when everything else looks contrived and wooden.

As I have always loved the ambience and warmth that femininity brings to the fore, I sometimes come across a slinky young thing that takes your breath away.

Her beautifully shaped body, luminous and captivating, imparts the kind of elegance that you rarely see these days where natural beauty is forsaken for a manufactured one.

This intelligent and energetic young lady of immaculate breeding has in no time at all won my admiration and rekindled my love for the opposite sex.

Not that this was ever a problem, but her late intervention, so to speak, gloriously rejuvenated an interest that had perhaps slackened with the passage of time.

I now feel carried away with this new elixir of life, in the shape and form of a sizzling maiden whose attributes shine so brightly in the firmament where Venus reigns unchallenged. Her name is Silvy and her provenance is without parallel and I love her dearly. When she walks she glides with a bewitching frisson that’s hard to define.

All I can say, eat your heart out Pippa Middleton for you have met more than your match. Only the young Brigitte Bardot could in all honesty have stood a chance.

2 responses to “A Picture of Budding Youth

  1. No picture?


  2. She is much too luminous to reveal. A picture may cause eye damage.