Are Wide Hips a Blessing in Disguise?

Who says sex is not important?

All you have to do is switch your television on and you hardly see an advertised product where sex is not the prominent factor in its promotion.

Beautiful women, scantily dressed with glowing flesh, parade in front of your eyes – suggesting an erotic side to whatever they are enticing you to buy.

The same applies to magazines where luxury products are given the same treatment, but this time with less constraint as to its sexual connotations. Nude women invade the pupils of your vision and render you captive to their disrobed charm.

But now, we are told that women with wide hips are more likely to have one-night stands and multiple partners and by implication are easier to seduce.

And again this will lead one to believe that their sexual performance is far superior in general, due to the fact that they’ve long been known as ‘childbearing hips’.

The study carried out by scientists at Leeds University found the shape of a woman’s body may play an important role in women’s decisions to have sex because women with wider hips do find childbirth less traumatic. Women with smaller hips tend to exhibit more cautious sexual behaviour as a result.

In brief, and without going into more scientific details, the study infers that wide hips are more receptive to sex and are more active in its practice.

Although generalisation in sexual habits and the degree of need of it is a complex matter, my own limited experience during my bachelor days gave some credence to this latest study.

A landlady of mine during my short tenure in a basement room in Sydney Street, Chelsea, had wide hips and a great appetite for sexual congress. Although she was nothing exciting to look at, I had to remind myself constantly that you rarely look at the mantelpiece when poking the fire.

I must say, the whole experience was one which I still remember with some degree of foreboding.

But sex is strange. It has no accepted boundaries and is full of contradictions. That’s in fact the secret of its devastating power. Those who ignore that power do so at their peril.

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