Thought for A (Rocky) Day

We are in an age where the future is uncertain and whatever measures we take to ensure our continued well-being can, in a flash, be reduced to ashes.

It is the more daunting when this happens at a time in your life where your level of energy is not what it used to be and your stamina is rapidly decreasing by the day.

You think and ponder and remember the good days, when fate was kinder and people were more receptive to the needs of others, and bemoan the prospects of losing your grip as your twilight years beckon. The quandary is hard to resolve.

The fear of inconsistency looms high on the horizon and threatens your dynamic of clear thought, and your ability and self-confidence to surge forward to crush the prevalent doom that signals an early death if left to its destructive course.

For I, who believe in Angels of Mercy, can hear their chorus of heavenly songs and their music to uplift the spirit and I banish any negativity to join in their paean of joy.

And in the end, as Socrates, the ancient Greek philosopher, said, I must remember: ‘There is nothing stable in human affairs; therefore avoid undue elation in prosperity or undue depression in adversity.’

That has become my life’s credo.

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