Rihanna in a Commando Mood

It’s becoming rather trendy for women who achieve great prominence in the entertainment world to show their hidden bits, as if to say: ‘I have arrived – take a good peep at my natural jewels and wish you could have me.’

Rihanna for Lui

The latest star to have joined the coterie of those who have beaten her to the bare-all culture is the indomitable Rihanna.

The twenty-six-year-old Barbadian recording artist, actress and fashion designer has refused to be outdone by the generation of young fashion models who have pushed the boundaries of feminine emancipation to its uppermost limits, scandalising the Establishment in the process, with their hedonistic lifestyles and sexual excesses – not only content to raise eyebrows but going further in order to make their behaviour the new norm of the elite in our society.

Rihanna for Lui

Rihanna, however, has earned her stripes of fame-related excellence through her work and artistic endeavours, stretching her talent to embrace many aspects of the entertainment world – realising the zenith of her career and still aiming further.

The unattainable has never been an obstacle to her ambition, and she remains as innovative as ever in the pursuit of her development as a star in the firmament reserved for unforgettable artists of prodigious talent who make our world more joyous and less stressful than it needs to be.

For that reason alone, I choose her as my woman of the week – for the delirious pleasure she gives us in every which way. Her pictures shown here remind me of a Turkish delight I was hooked on in my early childhood…

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