A Siren from Down Under

As it is my birthday today, and having reached the frivolous age of eighty-three, I decided to treat myself by celebrating on my blog every man’s dream of a sexy siren similar to the one I’m featuring. Here we go…

Some people might get the impression that I’m obsessed with the female form.

Well, they are unquestionably right.

Since my early childhood being cocooned in a household full of women, fussed over for being the only boy in my family, I grew up in an environment where, in my eyes, the heavenly sight of a beautiful woman clad or bare gave me the sort of salubrity hard to define.

As I grew up, women became a focus of my attention and an integral part of my life. Their aura, their natural scent, the symmetry and fine lines of their shapely corps, were to me an awe-inspiring and ever-changing experience with a strong rejuvenating factor.

Hence, my excitement when I come across a dramatic photoshoot of a gorgeous woman  whose sexual impact can best be described as an explosion of raw eroticism to make the senses sozzle with orgasmic neutrons.

Miranda Kerr, the Australian supermodel who is now keen to explore her bisexual feelings following her split from her husband, the actor Orlando Bloom, has, in a sensational shoot with renowned photographer Mario Testino, bared all to show the world her most exquisite bits – which, on close inspection, are like a cluster of the most refined gems twinkling in a starry sky on a clear summer night.

As a sexually liberated woman – who is aware that her body will not be glistening forever, and her sexual aura will diminish with the passage of time – she has for the sake of posterity decided to implant her delectable nudity in the minds of worshippers of either gender while in her prime.

The photos she bequeaths us are stunningly arresting and reel with glutinous yet refined sexuality that strikes the arbiter of good taste as enduring and without boundaries.


Breathless with excitement and as a man blessed with a searching and sharp vision, and a non-prohibitive intellect, all I can say is that the adoration of a woman sumptuously crafted by the master creator reflects an ingenuity for which we should be eternally grateful.

And for those of us who dream, the elixir of love is certainly within our reach.

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