Righteousness is the Way to Go

The White Lake, a Charles Glass Book published by Quartet recently, got a wonderful review in the Spectator by Anne Applebaum.

It’s the real-life story of John Borrell, a distinguished foreign correspondent married to a Polish woman, who decided to give up journalism and settle down, in Kaszubia, north-east Poland.

Tired of writing about wars and violence, he bought an exquisite piece of land beside a pristine lake and decided to build a boutique hotel.

Borrell, originally from New Zealand, was one of the first foreigners to choose Poland as a home after the collapse of communism to start what he thought would be a peaceful life away from the stress of journalism in the troubled areas of the world.

However, this was not to be when he came up against a cabal of communist-era local officials at a time when corruption was rampant in Poland and bribes were expected for many permits and approvals.

He fought back with the ferocity of a man determined to thwart those officials who were equally resolute in their quest to stop him.

Without my going into the details of what happened at every juncture of his battle to stay on course, and defy those lined up against him, the book is an unforgettable read and proves that compromise in situations of this kind never achieves its ultimate objective.

We need men like John Borrell to stand up to the bullies of this world and through righteousness claim a well-deserved victory.

white lake

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