God’s Affinity to Women (Inspired by My Friend Mazen Salha)

The Lord above, the master of the universe, the creator of all that lives, the supreme craftsman, the great artist without equal, has in a moment of divine generosity moulded the female form into a dazzling creature after his own image.

Was it a clear message to us mortals that the fine lines of His exquisite travail was to be the mother of our children and the bearer of nascent life from a superior being to be cherished, looked after with great care and dignity, worshipped, pampered and most importantly desired in equal measure?

The signs are overwhelmingly conclusive.

When you look around and you see with a perceptive eye the variegation of delectable maidens stripped naked with their ever-glowing flesh enticingly inviting, to the male species and their own gender, you gasp with longing and your heart throbs with excitement and promise.

With this manifestation of sensual beauty you become captive to its magical power and begin to wonder why should abstinence, particularly from sexual desire, be regarded as a virtue – whereas indulgence is sneered at as sinful and unworthy of a place in heaven?

Why, you may also ask, should suffering be admired and pleasure degraded?

In the same context, why should sexual activity, which is basically a gift from God, suddenly become the demon that shuts the gates of heaven to those whose tenure on earth has been blissfully fulfilled, physically and mentally, as well as harmoniously enjoyed with no holds barred?

Most of us believe that terrestrial life is but an overture to the next form of existence, of which we know much too little for our comfort zone.

But to those endowed with a strong religious belief, and confident of a new life after death, although indefinable, it is nevertheless in their view the ultimate bestowal of a benevolent God to his legions of faithful.

However, the great mystery remains. As God himself created the female prodigious form, with His immeasurable vision of beauty, with its vast array of breathtaking shapes and sizes, would He not appreciate our glorifying His masterly work through sexual congress?

I have an inkling that the mythical Gods of love who undoubtedly hold the most powerful lobby in the heavenly kingdom will persuade our sublime Creator to grant us a humble wish that will gladden our lives and give pleasure to His grateful minions who adore him unreservedly.

This piece, and what follows, is dedicated to my friend and soulmate David Elliott, who is currently in hospital recovering from surgery. I know this will cheer him up.

Dylan Penn, twenty-two, the stunning daughter of Robin Wright and Sean Penn, is the latest beautiful star to bare all for a risqué photoshoot with famed photographer Tony Duran.

Here are three of the photographs, which will in my view glorify God’s work as the supreme Creator – not only of the vast universe, but also of splendidly rousing women to bring joy and repose to us all.

His beneficence is limitless.

One response to “God’s Affinity to Women (Inspired by My Friend Mazen Salha)

  1. Mazen Salha

    Naim habibi what eloquence so befitting of Gods gift to man. You are the inspired and the master inspirer.
    Much love and great admiration