Thought for the Day…Europe and Us

The two debates about Europe between Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage were full of hokum, where each party emphasised their point of view with exaggerated and misleading statistics that left the audience more confused about the real issues than ever before.

Whatever people think about Europe, we in Britain can ill afford to be isolated. We have lost the Empire, and probably are about to lose Scotland – and who knows what will happen next?

As time goes on our political influence in world affairs is waning and our military capabilities are shrinking to the point where it’s no longer effective and counts very little in relation to the big powers.

Our influence with the US is more imaginary than real – and we can never rely on what we call the Special Relationship, which has proved time and again to be merely embellished by words rather than actions.

Europe should be our field of operation – both in political and commercial terms. Our role within the EU should be strengthened at all costs and not weakened by the myth that we can on our own be better off and conquer the world in a dreamlike vision that has no solid base  and is full of baloney patriotism, which in this case is sheer lunacy.

Britain has much to offer in leadership in Europe and in its political know-how. In every other sphere, whether industrial, mechanical, artistic, or literary, we are at the forefront of excellence and our export of human talent throughout the world is almost unequal.

Politicians in the mould of Nigel Farage are much too dangerous to encourage. They might be well meaning, but are invariably driven by the notion of power and adventurous dogma that spells perilous fanaticism, threatening the very tenets of our democracy. To beat the drum of nationalism in order to attain false objectives is an old game which the populace should be aware of; it is the route of all evil that eventually leads to fascism and the like.

It was frightening to watch the audience at the first LBC debate showing greater affinity with the words of Farage than those of his adversary who has failed miserably to convince them.

It would be a sad day for Britain if we were to choose an exit from Europe and bury our faces in the sand. It is the ultimate in flagellation.

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