The PM Falters Yet Again

Every time the Tories come close to Labour in the polls, the prime minister makes a hara kiri kind of gaff likely to cost him dearly in political terms.

The latest public outrage he generated by backing his cheating Cabinet minister, the arrogant and bullying Maria Miller, is perhaps without precedent.

It seems that David Cameron is accident prone on many levels, not least of all his erroneous and unpalatable judgement of people.

One may well ask, what drives him to protect ill-doers – especially those in his inner circle who flaunt the basic precepts of honesty – when politicians of all parties are viewed in a bad light by a disquieted electorate for their self-indulgent behaviour.

People from all walks of life are shocked and disgruntled by the attitude taken by the PM, who has miscalculated the backlash following his uncritical and rather pompous support for a devious woman who must believe she’s above the law.

All he has to do is read the public fury in letters addressed to the editors of major newspapers to realise the enormity of his pronouncement clearing his culture secretary of any serious wrongdoing.

David Cameron is not noted for accuracy. His impromptu reactions to a crisis often land him in worse trouble for lack of an in-depth relevance to detail or a proper study of the vital elements that would shield him from unfair criticism. As a consequence, he must pause before he jumps to conclusions which essentially turn out to be inaccurate in the main and leaves him with little credit.

Maria Miller has lost every inch of prestige she’s ever had and should now eat humble pie and resign.

The revelations that have come to light – mainly her campaign to browbeat the watchdog investigating her expenses claims, and her threats to derail the enquiry – are matters that have serious consequences and are a slur on our parliamentary ethos.

Her apology to the House of Commons was considered by Sir Bryan Thwaites in his letter to The Times as ‘one of the most disgraceful and contemptible speeches ever heard in the chamber. That she was not howled down is almost as disgraceful and yet another blot on the collective reputation of our MPs’.

If Maria Miller does not have the decency to resign the PM should sack her without further deliberation and save his party from being annihilated at the next general election.

Having gifted Labour this latest scandal to nail him with, wise counsel is now urgently needed to repair the damage that the PM, in a moment of sheer madness, inflicted on himself and his party.

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