Pregnant Women

Quartet has always been ahead of its time.

We published The Joy of Sex over four decades ago when no one else dared to contemplate the idea for fear of prosecution. From there on we published a litany of controversial books which stand today as a glaring testimony to Quartet’s reputation as an innovative and bold publisher.

I am proud we defied the Establishment, to bring about liberalism, which is at the very core of democratic principles of free thought and speech.

In 2009 Quartet published a beautifully produced photographic tome in black and white in celebration of pregnant women, but with a difference. Although the subject no longer carried the taboo it once had, this time every picture had a poetic overture to enhance the miraculous transformation of a woman’s body into a supreme creature destined to give life to a new being.

What’s better to describe this phenomenon of nature than through a poetic expression or verse that encapsulates the very act of procreation?

And given the recent trend of near-naked pregnant celebrities adorning our newspapers and magazines, parading with pride their fecund wombs, Quartet was once again identifying a trend.

Those of you who missed the chance to buy Pregnant Women by Joth Shakerley will be delighted to know that copies may be purchased from our website.

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