Thought for the Day

What is remarkable about Great Britain is the overflow of talent we produce, not only in the arts but also in every field where inventiveness plays a major role in each endeavour we undertake.

We are a nation of enterprise, endowed with a great sense of humour which reflects in everything we do.

Our heritage is such that we still roam the world in search of adventure and the acquisition of practical knowledge.

We are weaned to take life in our stride and are best when faced with a serious crisis that threatens our independence and the way forward.

We seldom lose our cool when danger knocks at our door, and refuse to succumb to intolerable conditions – unless in exceptional circumstances our survival depends on it.

We have the most beautiful women one could wish for to bring joy and comfort to our daily life, but conversely we suffer a decline in the standard of our politicians who seem to have adopted mediocrity and lost their head in the process.

We pray for salvation and the resurgence of men of quality who once upon a time made Britain the envy of the world for its political acumen and its art of diplomacy, which had no equal.

If our genes are capable of producing such exquisitely alluring women then I’m confident that a new league of political giants will emerge from the wilderness to kick-start a new dawn to banish the platitudes that have of late demeaned the current political outlook.

I have always been an optimist and a romantic fool. I breathe and therefore I exist in hope.

One response to “Thought for the Day

  1. Britain is a matriarchy and living in a matriarchy can only mean one of two things: that your society is primitive or that your society is now degenerate and declining. Wishful thinking won’t rid you of the matriarchy.