Taking Morgan

Taking MorganTaking Morgan is a thriller to keep you on edge until the very end.

It has a quality about it we seldom see these days; well written, cleverly constructed, it has a genuine realism which has its roots in actual events.

David Rose is a dab hand at this genre of storytelling, due to his vast experience in investigative journalism – which covered intelligence and covert action by agencies all over the world for more than twenty years. He’s highly respected for what he does and his track record of scoops have earned him great acclaim from his fellow journalists. Undeterred when it comes to risky assignments, he has the stamina and courage that his profession demands.

The book, which we published recently, is a must read for those who expect more of a thriller than the usual standards we have been accustomed to. It is full of action, highly gripping and reflects the violence of the age we live in.

To whet your appetite, here is what the critics have said so far…

‘Written by an acclaimed investigative journalist, using all his hard-won experience in the Middle East, this debut is based on a string of real events that bring it a refreshing authenticity. You can almost taste the dust of the streets, smell the explosions, and feel the fear that grips his female protagonist Morgan Cooper… The fate of Morgan and what it must be like to lose your liberty for months gives the story a fearsome grip that lasts to the final page’ Daily Mail

‘A compelling thriller and an invaluable guide to the most intractable conflict on earth’ Mail on Sunday

‘Among the novel’s strengths are the author’s in-depth knowledge of the region and its political complexities. Both an espionage yarn and the story of a marriage, it contains all the twists and double-crosses you could wish for, yet mercifully lacks the wham-bam formulaic clunkiness of more seasoned writers of spy fiction’ Sunday Times

‘Rose shuttles frantically but effectively between different worlds, ratcheting up the tension’ Guardian

‘A smartly paced political thriller’ Observer

‘The unravelling of Morgan’s plight, and Adam’s response to it, takes many interesting twists and turns, made the more convincing by Rose’s obvious mastery of his subject’ The Times

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    a great review of a great book