The Age of Global Warming: It’s Time to Find Out

The Age of Global Warming: A History by Rupert Darwall, published by Quartet Books in paperback tomorrow, is really hotting up.

It is now receiving international exposure, and is considered by many of the world’s leading authorities as the definitive work on this most controversial subject.

The hypocrites who maintain that man is totally responsible for the ills of what nature itself imposes on our climate are barking up the wrong tree. Statistics prove the contrary.

In a recent interview the author said: ‘Nobody really knows by how much increased levels of carbon dioxide cause the atmosphere to warm. When you look at the climate models, they have had a terrible predictive record. They completely missed the fifteen-to-seventeen-year pause in global temperatures that we are now seeing.’

Darwall said there is powerful evidence to suggest that the huge push for de-carbonisation is ‘literally insane’.

‘And that is the big emerging economies absolutely refuse to sign up to a global treaty that hinders their ability to grow their economies and pump out carbon dioxide.’

He also said former vice president Al Gore, a major booster of global warming theories, was drastically wrong.

‘At an early climate conference, which was in 2007…he predicted that the Arctic Sea ice would disappear in the summer by around about now, 2014, 2015,’ Darwall said. ‘He also in his movie An Inconvenient Truth… oh, the Greenland ice sheet is going to melt and now cause a new Ice Age in Europe. What he didn’t tell anyone is that the melting, if it happens, of the Greenland ice sheet, isn’t in a case of centuries – it’s millennia. The earliest it would melt is in one thousand years’ time. Why didn’t he say that?’

This highly emotive book uncovers the myths and does not suit those climate doom-sayers who have wrongly galvanised the public, aided and abetted by governments throughout the world who have their own agendas, to maintain this scaremongering for reasons unbeknown to us.

Get a copy of this important book and find out for yourselves…

The Age of Global Warming: A History by Rupert Darwall, PB, £15

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