Let’s All Play Peek-a-Boo!

I have often wondered why rich girls seem to have a compulsion to strip, even going sometimes as far as letting their boyfriend film them having torrid sex. And then have the habit of complaining about it when their most intimate moments appear on the internet.

Is it because the excesses of their honey-induced lifestyle make them unsettled, wanting less of the same and more iridescent escapades to quench a thirst for variations on a basic theme?

A case in point is the outrageously spoilt heiress Paris Hilton who hit the news in 2001 when her then boyfriend, Rick Salomon, filmed the pair having sex and sold the video worldwide for the delight of a voracious public who must have assumed she’s a slut and robbed her of the chance to be like Princess Diana.

In June 2011, in an interview with Piers Morgan about her sex tape, she said the incident had changed her life forever. Perhaps so. But her exuberance and publicity-driven personality is unlikely to change. For once in the limelight, the addiction to it never fades.

Despite the freeze-up in America the socialite might have forgotten to put her pants on – or most likely it was a conscious decision to attract attention by titillating the sexually hungry onlookers through sneakily giving them a fleeting sight of her hidden bits. I’m afraid her sex video will be more in demand now as those who missed it in the first place, after seeing her in this revealing outfit, will now want the full monty.

Can I blame them? Not I, who has now become conditioned to the sexual revolution that has swept the youth of today to boundaries where nothing is prohibited; the game is open-ended and the thrills are for the take.

If you are so inclined, go for it!

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