Watch the Pot

William and Kate are at it again.

Perhaps unbeknown to us, William’s latest trip to the Maldives, as one cartoonist  in The Times has aptly drawn it, is to research sheep farming. And Kate, just back from another holiday trip, is now so overtired, the poor thing, and is in dire need of another break before she and William undertake their forthcoming tour of New Zealand and Australia.

How the young royals live is beyond our wildest dreams. We are supposed to be in an acute recession where everyone is struggling to make both ends meet at great sacrifice to their comfort and well-being, and yet the very people who should lead the way by example are behaving as if they live on a different planet. Unaware of the miseries around us, they seem determined to make the most of a privileged life while public tolerance persists.

But for how long, I may ask. Every honeymoon has a beginning and an end. It would be a pity if the popularity of William and Kate was to hit the rocks because of their luxurious living at a time when the whole world is in turmoil economically, and black clouds over the Ukraine are threatening an international crisis which may destabilise the situation further.

Wise counsel to the young royals has failed, as usual, so the responsibility for their action must lie at their own door. However, William and Kate are old enough to realise that if the public is their honeypot, take it easy and don’t lick it empty all at once. They are well advised to leave some in reserve, or they are more foolish than I thought.

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