A New Cuban Missile Crisis?

The Ukraine crisis is very serious indeed.

The West should have realised long ago that if the Ukraine were ever to decide to join the EU, and therefore be part of NATO, that in itself would trigger off a major collision with Russia. 

As it is now, the whole of eastern Europe being part of the EU is seen by the Russians as potential enemies entrenched at their very gate should a conflict with the West ever take place. 

To add insult to injury, if the Ukraine were to do the same it would certainly constitute a bigger threat to Russian interests in the region and in practice have their entire borders with Europe sealed, so to speak, with neighbours whose sympathies lie with the West and undeniably not with them.

To believe that the world is not divided into three major camps – notably the West including the US, Russia and China – is to dream of fairies in heaven. So why are we surprised of the Russian attitude to what’s going on at their door, when we would have reacted in the same manner if we found ourselves facing a similar predicament?

The West is foolish to take the view that imposing sanctions on the Russians will deter them from further incursions into the Ukraine, making the crisis deadlier and extremely more difficult to resolve through peaceful negotiations rather than meaningless confrontations that might lead to armed conflict. 

The world is not ready for a devastating clash of two main adversaries armed to the teeth with every conceivable weaponry, which will bring about the annihilation of what we might call a civilised society that has had more than its share of two world wars and is still recovering from the aftermath. 

Let’s therefore be sensible and find an amicable solution without trumpeting the possibility of a killing field where no one ever wins.

For once, let us aim for the brotherhood of man – and celebrate the advent of a peaceful earth where our children will enjoy the benefits of our most honourable endeavours to turn the tide and embrace the serenity of a caring league of nations.

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