TOMAS by James Palumbo

James Palumbo, who was elevated to the House of Lords recently, is a man of many parts. A banker by training, then a successful entrepreneur whose Ministry of Sound nightclub became a national success and established itself against interminable odds, is by any standard a shrewd operator who knows where he’s heading.

In 2009 we published his first novel, TOMAS, which took the book trade by storm for its ingenuity, its take on the Establishment and the political fraternity that seemed a gifted subject for parody. The critics were almost unanimous in their lauding the book, with the kind of superlatives that a new endeavour of its kind rarely achieves.

The humour and vibrancy of the written word are cleverly intermingled to create an innovative oeuvre, which will no doubt remain as topical in its durability as any artwork of merit.

James Palumbo is worth encouraging. He has the makings of a brilliant observer of human frailties.

If you missed buying a copy then, do so now for cynicism has become more relevant today than it has ever been. Here is what some of his readers have said:

‘Absolutely amazing’ Stephen Fry

‘Visionary, revealing grim truths’ Evening Standard

‘Savage satire of the highest calibre’ Monocle

‘Grotesque as it is gripping’ Niall Ferguson

‘A scathing attack on celebrity culture’ TLS

‘I loved it’-Claudia Winkleman

‘Either mad or genius of both’ Rory Bremner

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