Cara at a Crossroads

Those who encourage Cara Delevingne to play the fool and burn the candle at both ends are certainly not her real friends.

She is no doubt the supermodel to reckon with at the moment and has amassed a large following of fans who monitor her every move and try to copy her exorbitant way of life – without taking into account the risk to their health and the wasteful time they spend on frivolities instead of seeking real opportunities on which to build and secure their future.

Cara might be exceptionally talented and have already accumulated a large fortune but remains vulnerable to the vicissitudes of time.

Her indulgence in every which way – whether it be in the fast lane of excesses and mindless disregard for the dangers that her lifestyle might inflict on her health, or her obvious sexual diversities which again signal a voracious inclination to give sway to every temptation that knocks at her door – will spell the making of impending serious problems.

I personally find Cara an impishly attractive young lady whose company I would cherish if I were not of a certain age, but as an admirer of her multi-coloured intrinsicality I would urge her against satiety, lest it burns her out and dims the prospects of achieving her greater potential.

I can’t wait to see her as an actress, for I am sure that being simpatico as she looks to be she will steal the hearts not only of her audience but also those who wish her well.

With such good fortune at her doorstep, it would be an utter prodigality to let it go to waste.

One response to “Cara at a Crossroads

  1. Mazen Salha

    I can see what you mean! Cara has a short wick and will have to shift gear quite quickly