Julia Ogilvy

1Julia Ogilvy, the author of Women in Waiting, can easily be described as a woman for all seasons.

I should know. She was my protégé when I was the CEO of the Asprey Group which included Garrard & Co. where Julia held the position of head of publicity.

I was so impressed by her commitment and hard work that at the tender age of twenty-seven I appointed her managing director of Hamilton & Inches in Edinburgh.

My board of directors doubted my wisdom of elevating such a young lady to run an august establishment where traditional values gained over the years were its most bankable assets.

However, I would not be deterred and Julia proved not only up to the challenge but turned the institution into the most successful purveyors of jewellery and luxury goods in Scotland.

Her book about the prejudice at the heart of the church against women is the sort of campaign Julia would passionately espouse, for she sees it as strongly as I do that women are not only the equal of men but have additional qualities more humane and compassionate than perhaps those of the opposite gender.

As the blurb of the book indicates, the role of women in the Christian church is now the subject of heated debate.


In her powerful book Julia interviews twelve of the most notable Christian women of our time providing a telling and often shocking analysis of the situation today. The women – from the Dean of York and the Presiding Bishop in America to Helena Kennedy QC and Dr Elaine Storkey – share some of the pain, disappointment and hurt they have experienced and reflect on the impact of a patriarchal church on the suffering of women across the world. Their stories are very different but they all share a remarkable faith, humility and determination to fulfil their own calling. Each one is an inspiration to women everywhere and provides a unique insight into the role of the leader in any profession.

You must read this outstanding book, which reveals that prejudice against women in the church is as strong as it has ever been.

Julia Ogilvy has never done things in half measures. Buy a copy of the book, which I earnestly recommend,  read it and you will no doubt thank me for drawing your attention to it.

Published by Bloomsbury, £12.99

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  1. Julia Ogilvy

    Thanks so much Naim – you are kind as ever (except for the awful photo perhaps!) xx


  2. Naim Attallah

    Dear Julia,
    I’m sorry about the picture. Please send me a better picture for future reference.
    Much love as always,
    Naim xx