Thought for the Day

I know very little about politics in the Lebanon.

The news that a government has been formed after eleven months of bargaining among the different political factions is a step in the right direction. It will not cure the divisions that already exist but will somehow alleviate the painful state of having no government at all.

To be in a sort of limbo for so long does somehow add to the instability of the country. With the Syrian conflict spilling beyond its borders, and the burden of having to look after the continual flow of desperate refugees seeking shelter, the Lebanon finds itself the victim of circumstances not of its own making. The economy is bleeding profusely and internal security is not only lax but suffers acts of terrorism that have blighted any hopes of peaceful coexistence among the parties concerned.

Dialogue and compromise are now essential if the political divide is to be broached for the welfare of its population whatever their creed and political affiliations.

The country, the most cultivated in the Arab World with its rich heritage of outstanding men and women in every cultural endeavour, is crying for a respite to give it time to rediscover itself. Then perhaps the country can forge ahead once more and demonstrate to the world that the Lebanese capacity for survival against the elements is as pronounced and determined as ever before.

We must all wish them luck on a rocky journey which will ultimately bring them prosperity and peace.

One response to “Thought for the Day

  1. Mazen Salha

    Naim,Thank you for your kind words and wishes. As you are well aware Lebanon is more of a business than a real country. When interests converge we have stability.