Thought for the Day

2014 will certainly turn out to be a milestone in my own life.

Over a decade ago, when I reached my seventies, I could not have possibly conceived entering my eighties in reasonably good nick with my intellectual abilities showing no sign of age-induced deterioration. In that respect alone I feel very lucky indeed given that my verve for life and my appreciation of the opposite sex is as vibrant today as it has ever been.

Although passion recedes, old age makes dreams stronger than reality and more gently gratifying than its youthful counterpart. Flirtatious encounters are still a great motivating factor but the patience process that is deemed to follow lacks the impetus of its younger and more thrusting days.

You now live in hope, and admiration replaces the sensuality of touch and the yearning for closer bodily intimacy. Your heart remains upbeat with perhaps a more languid tempo but still the same exuberance of old. The sight of a beautiful woman crossing your path and her incandescent scent are enough to still ravish your whole being by jogging your memory to what was and is no longer there.

Could it all be a sad reflection of a life well spent, edifyingly absent now but still retaining a magical aura that remains with you until the day you ascend the Steps of Heaven – in search of the illusive eternity?

Old age is not all pain and regrets. It can simply make you aware of life’s wondrous gifts and elevate your spirits to higher, more rewarding objectives and to horizons beyond your wildest imagination. Fear not the trials of this world for eternity becomes within your reach. Aim for it and you will defeat the elements that have hitherto constrained your terrestrial endeavours.

The next journey you will undertake will be to the glorious infinity that has so far evaded man, despite his great technological advancements. In the meantime, take to your bed, close your eyes and await the blessing of the gods.

2 responses to “Thought for the Day

  1. Dear Naim,
    It’s wonderful when one is so much in touch with his feelings and aware of life. As always your thoughts and insights are very illuminating. With great admiration. Mazen


  2. Dear Naim,
    So true !