The ‘Innocent’ Kiss that Stunned the London Scene

The identity of the hunk who canoodled with Speaker’s wife Sally Bercow in a nightclub last week is now revealed as a forty-nine-year-old fitness zealot and DJ.

He was pictured on the front page of the Sun last Tuesday locking lips with a sozzled Sally, who seemed to be totally exhilarated by the strength of his grip round her waist and the passionate mouth-linking that spoke volumes for the intensity of their ardour.

With a distinctive tattoo on his left arm,  Clinton Oliver, the man of the hour who is also a professional dancer, found himself the talk of the town – and a candidate worthy of being selected hunk of the year, with strong biceps and a body to make women burn with orgasmic fervour.

A friend of his said last week, ‘He’s a lovely bloke, although Sally is not the type of girl he would normally go for.’ That remark would indicate that his taste in women is wide in scope and effective, and that he has no qualms about experimenting with the delights that variegation can bring.

His online profile describes his passions as sports, particularly fitness boot camps, and clubbing.

‘I like warm sunny days, great music, good food and the love of a good woman.’

Perhaps his humility has compelled him to use the singular in referring to women, so as not to discourage the coterie of females who would target him now.

Louise Mensch, who was once one of David Cameron’s inner circle of MPs before she went to New York to join her husband, and is now a columnist on the Sun newspaper, has confessed a great admiration for Sally Bercow, applauding her wild antics as the true liberation of women – and she is in my view wide of the mark. Vulgarity can never mean liberation, nor be considered anything but a degradation of both sexes.

Sally Bercow needs no such counsel, as I believe she has already passed the stage where her behaviour can’t get any worse. Her friends and those who believe in elegance in all its forms – and shall I dare mention femininity – should now raise their voices and tell Sally to stop this insane way of conducting herself in public places.

In the confines of her bedroom, what she does is her right and privilege. But beyond it, vampish conduct of such nature demeans her dignity.

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